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Did you know that it’s easier to 10x your business than it is to 2x your business? If you’ve felt stuck trying to take your business to the next level it might be because what got your business to where it is today is not what it will take to reach your goals.

Are you an average entrepreneur?

The average entrepreneur thinks about business growth as a percentage. A growth in revenue, for example, of say, 10% to 20%. That type of growth annually will see your business double in size in the next four to six years. Not bad. But what if you altered that mindset and focused on 10x growth? Just how far could you take your business with linear growth like that?

Why 10x business growth?

Doubling the size of a business is hard, right? You bet. You're probably thinking that 10x'ing your business growth must be impossible.  But you'd be wrong.  It's about changing your focus.

With the goal of doubling the size of your business you focus on the things that can get you there. Like, for example, increasing your prices by 5%. Or winning 10% more business from existing customers. All your energy is focused on small increments, and when you see your business has doubled, you congratulate yourself.

What if you weren’t focused on 2x growth but on 10x growth?

Instead of feeling guilty about increasing your charges by 5%, you’d actively seek customers who would pay you double what your existing customers pay.

Instead of tinkering with a process and patting yourself on the back when you realize a 5% gain in productivity, you’ll invest in the people, processes and technology that double or triple your productivity. You’ll redesign the tasks that take up 80% of your time and create only 20% of your revenue. Then you’ll be on the path to 10x your business.

To accelerate growth, accelerate your mindset

A 10x mindset focuses your thoughts and actions on what it takes to snowball your business to the next level:

  • It forces you to think entrepreneurially
  • It compels you to be creative
  • It encourages you to eliminate your limitations
  • You’ll delegate activities that delay your growth
  • You’ll develop a network that believes in you, motivates you, and spurs your growth

A 10x growth mindset disrupts the traditional, time-learned way of thinking that is holding you back. You learn to remove the energy-sapping and time-draining activities and relationships. You’ll feel more positive, and this positivity will energise your actions.

A 10x mindset will help you to access all the resources that are available to you, wherever, whatever, and whoever they are. Instead of tunnel vision, you’ll develop a world view. You’ll see opportunities before others do, and you’ll learn how to access the capabilities that empower you to take advantage of those opportunities.

10x coaching for you and your business

Our 10x business coaching helps you develop focus on perpetual personal and business growth. We’ll help you learn how to reinvent yourself through each of the stages your business will race through, as you maintain focus on your personal and business goals.

We’ll help you bring your A-game always, identifying the strengths that will enable you to accelerate your growth and scale your business.

With the right approach and focus, you’ll be able to build a team of awesome people who fill in all the gaps and help propel your business to a higher plane – leaving you more time to concentrate on the big picture planning, what you do best, and, of course, for yourself. You’ll be able to harness the power of your network, allowing it to work for you.

A 10x mindset will enable you to become more innovative, seeking ways to harness technology to systemise your business and improve the customer experience – with the ‘side’ benefits of freeing your time and rapidly reducing costly errors.

In short, coaching and mentoring will help you to:

  • Develop habits of success
  • Redefine and focus on your goals and measurement of success
  • Use failures as a springboard to success
  • Develop and strengthen lifechanging relationships and networks
  • Focus on capabilities (yours and others) that drive results

Unchain yourself from 2x growth

Your limited growth mindset is limiting your potential to grow. It’s time to take the shackles off. It’s time to develop the 10x mindset that will transform your business and your life. When you do so, you’ll become the entrepreneur you are meant to be. The negative influences will disappear – because you eliminate them. You’ll have more positives in your life – because you create them.

We’ve helped many, many growth-minded entrepreneurs release themselves from the limited growth cycle they have become stuck in, and re-energize themselves and their business with 10x business growth.

Book a free call now to learn how to 10x your business, before your competition overtakes you on the path to exponential business growth.

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