Fitness Industry Trends for 2021

How Will Your Fitness Business Grow Sales in 2021?

If you’re looking to up your game in the fitness industry, you need to understand the fitness industry market trends. These will help you build the consistency that is key to attracting luck for your business.

People who want to keep fit, tone up, or are working toward health goals tend to pay attention to what others are doing. Then they follow suit. Thus, a trend is born. 

Get on the right side of these trends, and you’ll be in a healthy position to benefit from them with greater sales and customer loyalty – and this will help you stay positive in a chaotic world.

With this in mind, here’s a quick guide to the five top fitness trends in 2021 (and beyond).

  1. Outdoor fitness

After being stuck indoors for most of 2020, many people want to get out and about as much as they can. What’s more, outdoor fitness can be free. Even if it’s not, it’s often a lot more affordable than going to a gym. Realistically, that’s likely to be a significant consideration for people who’ve taken a financial hit from the pandemic, and that’s a lot of people. 

So, how do you benefit from what is, for most people, a ‘spend-free’ fitness regime? By understanding that it’s not free. People still need equipment, clothes, runners, and wearable tech that keeps track of their progress. And what about holding classes in open spaces?

  1. Home fitness

Home fitness has been a growing fitness trend for several years now. The pandemic, however, has really pushed it forward. People are more inclined now to invest in home gym equipment, pay for online fitness classes (virtual Yoga, anyone?), and hire personal trainers for one-to-one sessions in the comfort of their own home.

  1. Boutique fitness

Small, local gyms and specialist gyms look set for a bright 2021. These types of gyms tend to have strong, long-term bonds with dedicated members. Much better than the fitness supermarket, conveyor-belt chain gyms.

In local gyms, everyone knows everyone. This helps to develop a sense of belonging and safety. However, to combat competition from chain gyms and home and outdoor fitness, local gyms may need to create an even greater community feel – and deliver unique experiences.

  1. Data-driven fitness – wearables

Not that long ago, only top athletes had access to the sort of equipment you needed to measure performance accurately. Now even kids often have pedometers and fitness trackers. 

Everyone knows the dangers of lack of exercise. The problem is, without a way to measure your activity, it’s easy to fool yourself into believing that you’re a lot more active than you are. You can therefore expect wearable fitness trackers to be seriously promoted and to become a mainstream part of fitness. 

Do your boutique gym or outside fitness classes offer wearable devices that connect to a central database, and which you can then use to create personalized plans that you email to your clients?

  1. Fitness businesses diversification

If there’s one lesson 2020 taught the fitness industry, it’s that you need a plan B (and preferably plans C through Z as well). Diversify your business. Profit from current trends. Look for ways that you can build out your business to capture as many of these trends as possible, helping to capture a broader target market and develop greater loyalty to your business.

Connect trends to sales

Fitness trends mustn’t be confused with fitness fads. A fad is over before it has begun. Trends can last a generation – and that is great news for your business. Is your business positioned to benefit from the five trends we’ve outlined above? Can you connect between them, and plan your path to greater profits?

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