How to Find the Right Candidate for a Job

6 Steps to the Perfect Hire

When you wish to grow your team, or if you need to hire to replace someone who just didn’t cut it, it is important to hire the right person.

Poor hires are costly, frustrating, and could disrupt an existing team. If you are building a team from the ground up and make the wrong hires, you’ll be building on a foundation of sand.

We have combined our experience of hiring – including the mistakes we’ve made – to answer the question of how to find the right candidate for a job in six simple steps

  1. Figure out who is your ideal candidate

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, it’s not as easy as you think. If it were, then why is as much as 80% of employee turnover attributable to bad hiring decisions?

We recommend using the 4x4 Team Member Tool to pinpoint exactly what you expect from your people, and the qualities your new hire must demonstrate.

What is the 4x4?

Every person in your team will have a unique 4x4, which clarifies what you expect of them – who you need them to be. It gives them a basis for their own success, providing you are clear about each aspect. There are four aspects to detail: 

  1. Performance: you’ll need your people to be alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful

  2. Results: to grow 10x, each of your people should seek to do things faster, easier, cheaper, and bigger

  3. Being a hero: define the employee’s four areas of responsibility, customizing to the most important areas of focus and the actions you expect in each

  4. Drives others crazy: four ways the employee will get into trouble with you

The 4x4 in action

Here’s one we did earlier!

Role: Marketing Coordinator

Best Performance


  • Always on top of schedule and key dates, ensuring that all organization deliverables to clients happen on time

  • Always aware of key deliverables across projects and prioritizing them effectively according to deadline and impact

  • Always ensuring high quality deliverables from self and from others on team

  • Always watching out for new things / possibilities for improvements


  • Passionate about marketing wanting to learn new trends and identify and test out new ideas

  • Enjoy A/B testing to find the best subject lines, blog titles, and social posts to maximize engagement


  • Superfast to respond to emails/messages/requests

  • Be the ear on the ground for customers

  • Excellent listener

  • Able to move and change quickly


  • When not sure of the right answer researching quickly to find it and/or identifying who the right people are to get answers from on the team or externally

Best Results


  • Continuously improving delivery speed for repetitive tasks without sacrificing quality

  • Replying to requests quickly and prioritizing effectively as new information becomes available


  • Finding and incorporating new tools and processes to make day-to-day tasks more effective

  • Documenting processes, especially as they evolve to help new team members onboard quickly


  • Always trying to achieve more in less time


  • Find new opportunities to service existing/new clients at a deeper level

  • Continuously growing & self-improving via seeking education and learning new things

Being a Hero (Responsibilities


Ensuring all monthly marketing activities are done on-time (blog posting, email marketing, social posts, and other client commitments)


Coordinate ongoing research:

  • keeping ongoing schedule

  • keeping up-to-speed of what everyone on the team is doing

  • Effectively support team and holding them accountable


Ensuring effective podcast execution and seek ways to continuously improve the process


Be an excellent listener in client meetings to take notes and convert them into action items

Drives Me Crazy


Not getting things done or done on-time, missing deliverables


Getting stuck and not asking questions or asking me or finding the right person to help them get unstuck


Not tech savvy, not figuring out new technologies quickly


Being a bottleneck, where tasks fall on their desk and never get completed, or projects stop or are slowed because of them

Now you have detailed the person you want to hire, what’s next?

  1. Create a compelling job advertisement

You need to include the main aspects of the role in your job description, but you should also make it sparkle with your personality. Remember, you want someone who will fit in with you and your team, as well as someone who can do the job.

Start with a job title and ‘overview’. For example:

Needed: Marketing Coordinator – I want a passionate person who loves all things marketing

Immediately, you have set out your business as friendly, inclusive, and accommodating

Here’s a must-do in your job ad. Include a test within it. Something like “please read to the end, otherwise we won’t accept you.”  Then at the end, give an instruction such as, “send cover letter only, do not send resume.”

  1. Day-in-the-life testing

As you begin receiving replies to your job ads, you can discard all candidates who send a resume with their application. Why employ someone who can’t follow basic instructions?

You can also reject all those who haven’t sent you a decent reply to your job advertisement.

Now, send a request for a one-pager about what the applicant does in a day, to all those who remain in the running. This will help you assess their personality, how they structure information, and assess their further attention to their work – look for typos, poor grammar, spellings, etc.

At this stage, you can reduce your list of applicants further to only those who appeal most to you.

  1. The phone screen interview

Next, carry out phone screen interviews. These help you to assess if what the applicant has told you so far is an accurate reflection of them. It’s another chance to reduce your list of applicants, keeping quality over quantity.

  1. The final interview

The final ‘in-person’ interview (though you may conduct it virtually) must be structured to discover everything else you need to know about the candidate. You’ll need to ask questions that test their knowledge, ability to cope with their workload, and personality to fit in. You must be certain that you will be able to work with the candidate, and that their values match yours.

How do you achieve all this in an interview? Keep it human.

You might want to ask them to ‘teach me something’. You might also ask one or two off-the-wall questions, to see how they react to something unusual – perhaps something like ‘why are manhole covers round?’ (Answer: the lid doesn’t fall through them).

  1. Before you offer the job - Is this process enough?

This process is usually enough to make your choice, but, dependent on the role and your perception of the candidate, you may also wish to consider a working interview or hiring on an evaluation period.

A working interview lets you assess the candidate’s skills and ability to fit in by asking them to spend some time with your team and performing the duties you’ll expect of them.

An evaluation period is like the working interview, but over a longer time frame. This could be good for both you and the candidate, allowing two-way assessment of the job and the candidate.

  1. Make the job offer

Finally, you’ve got to where you want to be. A great candidate, with the ability to do the job, the values that make them a good match, and the personality that makes them a good team member. You can now offer the job. But what if you have found more than one candidate?

Time to consider if you could create a second or more roles for the great candidates you have discovered. It really is possible to get multiple great hires from this hiring process.

Long-term retention, with a great culture fit

Hiring great people into your jobs does not happen overnight. You must be certain of who you need to fill the role – their skills, capabilities, and personality traits that will make them a valuable member of your team.

You must also embed a process that ensures you test all these qualities, and be certain that they fit in. Do this successfully, and you will hire not only the best person for the job, but the one who will become a long-term hire because of their culture fit.

Are you ready to build a team from the ground up? Take the Entrepreneur Assessment today – and learn the personality traits that will work to your advantage.

Remember, too, that we are here for you. All you need to do is to reach out to us with any questions that you have – or to receive your 4x4 template.

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