Implementing Viral Growth for Success

What Is Viral Growth and How Can You Implement It?

It is important for all businesses to have a marketing strategy that will help them reach new customers. 

Viral growth is a means of marketing that is crucial for any business, especially in a digital age where attention spans are short, and the competition is fierce.

The simplest explanation of a viral growth model is publishing content that people want to share with friends, family, and their wider network.

This will not only expose your content to more potential customers but will also create brand awareness. If done correctly, the viral business model leads to higher conversion rates, which will increase revenue and profit margins for your business.

Characteristics of the viral growth model

In the traditional marketing model, content marketers only focus on securing a loyal customer base. However, in the modern society of the internet and social media, it is not enough to have just a loyal customer base. You need to have an engaged audience that will spread your message for you: the viral growth model.

Virality is not just defined by how many people are exposed to your content but also how many people will share it with others.

The characteristics of a viral growth model are:

  • Audience

To create a viral content marketing campaign, it’s important to know your audience so you can tailor your message to them.

Understanding the behavior and personality of your audience will help you in writing content that resonates with them. They are more likely to share content that is relevant to their life or interests.

  • Content

Content is what the company creates to promote their product, and emotional connection is how they connect with their audience.

Your content needs to be engaging so that it is worth sharing and reading. It also needs a great title that will grab people’s attention. 

Your content should be relevant, informative, and interesting. By understanding your target audience, you should also be able to make an emotional connection between them and your content – and as we all know, people’s buying decisions are mostly directed by their emotions.

  • Incentives

The success of a viral growth model largely depends on whether it has an attractive incentive to share. People share content when they are incentivized to do so. And it makes sense to provide incentives – because the more people who share your content, the more successful that content will become. 

Great content will incentivize people to share it, as it provides social capital and social proof for those who are sharing. You may also choose to use more explicit incentives, such as free samples, discounts, gift certificates, etc.

When creating a viral growth campaign, always consider the reasons why people may share your content, which can be summarized as:

  • Social rewards, such as getting likes or comments

  • Monetary rewards, such as earning money from ad revenue

  • The incentive to do good deeds

You can then plan your content more effectively and create calls to action that will promote readers to share your content.

  • Channels

It is important for you to know what channels work best with your target audience. There are a lot of different channels that can be used such as email, social media, blogs, influencers, video, podcasts, advertising, and so on.

Not all channels work equally well for all companies and all products or services. Your choice of channels will depend on your content, your audience, and your incentives.

  • Public and personal feedback loops

The viral growth model in content marketing is a process that relies on public and personal feedback loops. The fast, wide distribution of content is one of the main incentives for the creation of these loops:

Wide distribution

An open invitation to share content with others through social media, email, and other channels.

Personal feedback loops

A personal feedback loop is when the user shares what they have seen with other people. This creates a feeling of community, and it also increases the likelihood that someone will share the content again.

Consistency and repetition are key to this loop, which includes going back to an audience for their input or approval before you move on to the next phase.

Public feedback loops

A public feedback loop is a mechanism in which information about the content (like advertisements) is shared by many people, typically on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 

There’s a need to be transparent with your audience by showcasing your work so they can give you valuable feedback.

  • Timing

Timing is very important. If you publish your content too early or too late then you might not reach your target audience. They may be interested in what you are publishing at a different time of the day or week, for example.

You should also measure when a piece of content has reached its peak popularity, and then make sure that it remains there for as long as possible so that it can be marketed and distributed to new audiences.

What is the viral coefficient?

The viral coefficient is a measurement of how well you share your content. If you have a low viral coefficient and you want to know what the root cause is, consider that your content might be too niche or not in line with what people are looking for at this time.

Simply put, the viral coefficient is the number of new users acquired by each existing user. If your viral coefficient is, say, 1:2, for every existing customer your content generates two new customers.

Here’s an example of how to calculate your viral coefficient:

  • You have 50 subscribers.

  • Each subscriber shares your content, on average, five times. That’s 250 shares.

  • Now, let’s say that of those shares, 100 subscribed to your site.

  • Your viral coefficient is 2 (100 new subscribers/50 existing subscribers).

If your viral coefficient remains at 2, your next piece of content should generate 300 new users, then 900 new users, and so on. The exponential growth will accelerate your business revenues and profits.

How can you implement the viral growth business model? 

To create this type of growth, you will need to implement a viral business model strategically. These are the steps you should follow:

  • Identify your viral media

In the viral growth business model, you will need to brainstorm for a way to make your content more shareable. To do so, you need to identify what content would be most shareable and come up with a plan that would allow people to share it easily. 

It is important that you don’t force people into sharing your content for it to be viral – we all know how well that works (not).

  • Consider your funnel design

To implement this system, you need to consider your customer funnel design. You need to understand where your customers are at and what they want before you start developing a marketing strategy. This way, you will know how to best target them with content that already appeals to them and is likely to go viral.

For example, you may need a landing page that will allow a customer to sign up and download an eBook or other content. From there, they can be guided through the process of sharing with their social network and converting new customers who are interested in that topic or niche.

  • What’s the viral hook of your product?

Do you want your viral growth model to excel? Then think about your product hook. This is an addition to the core loops in the model, and has four basic steps:

  1. Create a trigger to prompt action

  2. The action is taken in anticipation of reward (a free eBook, for example)

  3. The reward encourages the user to return

  4. Investment is made in anticipation of further reward

When you combine your viral growth model with a product hook, you connect your content to the action you want the reader to take.

  • Where can your customers find your viral loops?

For all this to happen, your customers must be able to find your viral loops. This may be via blogs on your website, social media posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and so on.

Exponential growth is yours with viral loops

Viral content is a great way to grow your business exponentially. It is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to reach a large, global audience.

The viral marketing strategy works because it leverages two of the most powerful forces in human nature – emotional connection and social media. Produce the content that people want to share. Publish it where it can be found. Incentivize sharing, and make it easy for people to sign up or buy your product.

Viral marketing used to be word of mouth, and reliant on your product to ‘sell itself’. In today’s digitally connected world, if your content sells itself, then product sales will follow.

Want to know more about viral loops, and just how successfully they can be used by fitness businesses of all sizes? Book a free call with Level 5 Mentors today, for the guidance that will 10x your growth.

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