Can you grow a business while living a meaningful life?

Can you grow a business while living a meaningful life?

A purposeful entrepreneur uses passion to build business and life

We’ve written before about the need to build a business with a purpose. “Sit down and think, ‘What do I want out of this life? Where’s all this going? What do I want for the people around me?’” says Eric Malzone. “Having clarity of vision of where you want to go starts to dictate the choices you make, the actions you take, and why you are doing them. And that’s powerful.

But can this power help to grow your business?

A passionate entrepreneur is a driven entrepreneur

Passion is an internal and external motivator. When you are passionate about something, that passion drives you forward. Like an athlete who wants to compete at the Olympics, knowing that to achieve the goal requires hard work, effort, and dedication. Years of practice later, their ambition becomes reality.

A purposeful entrepreneur is a values-driven entrepreneur

If passion is an emotional state that motivates you, where does purpose fit in?

Purpose is your why. It is the reason that drives your passion. It is your upbringing, your story, your beliefs and values. It is the yardstick of your success. It gives your life meaning.

Connecting purpose to passion

There is a major difference between purpose and passion:

  • Purpose is founded on your values and beliefs. It is ever present.
  • Passion is a temporary state. Passion can fade away.

Should your passion decline, so, too, will your enthusiasm. Thus, it is important to connect purpose and passion.

To identify your passion, ask yourself these questions:

  • What gives me most pleasure in life?
  • What work am I happy to do without payment?
  • If I could do anything, what would I choose to do?
  • What do I love to learn about?
  • What skills am I continually trying to improve?
  • What are my core strengths?

Now, turn to your purpose:

  • What is it in the world that I am most concerned about?
  • Why do I have these concerns?
  • What do I talk about most with friends and family?
  • What are the top five things on my bucket list?
  • If I could do something and guarantee success, what would that be?
  • What kind of people would I like to help?
  • How can I make the world a better place because I have lived?

If some of these questions sound deep, they are meant to be. Your purpose is deep within you. To unlock it, you must reach within those depths.

Now, connect the two. Let your purpose meet with your passion. The result is mesmerizing, especially when you take this into your entrepreneurial life.

Purpose + passion = authenticity, and authenticity sells

As a purposeful, passionate entrepreneur, you will build businesses with authenticity. Your passion and purpose will energize your business. It will motivate others who align with your purpose – your network, your team, and your customers.

The authenticity of the combination of purpose and passion will deliver the rewards that your efforts deserve:

  • Your business will rise above its competition
  • Your purpose will develop your identity and sphere of influence
  • People will align with your business
  • It is the backbone of trust, loyalty, and brand

Building a meaningful business

If there is one thing you do today, I want it to be that you listen to the Black Diamond Podcast Episode in which I chat with Deacon Andrews: SISU Strong and Pursuing Authenticity. Deacon has built a business that is forged on his purpose and driven by his passion.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of a purposeful entrepreneur who has built a meaningful life around a values-driven business. Deacon had been in the US Army for six years when he broke his back. He is considered to be 99% disabled by the Army, but that hasn’t stopped him in his tracks.

His injury led Deacon to a path on finding out how to fix himself – he didn’t want military surgeons working on his spine. His experience led him to a perspective of strengthening and conditioning, and working with people who have had amazing careers or have played really hard recreationally to help them do what they are passionate about longer.

He has worked with some of the highest-level athletes and everyday clients, helping them in turn to enjoy the world of action sports and reach their performance goals.

Deacon’s experience has shaped his business, his purpose, and his passion.

It’s a beautiful thing, when you can truly have a better understanding of what your clients are going through and what it’s like, he says.

He has now developed his business into an online platform as well as one-to-one coaching. “It has evolved into my biggest passion and love for doing it that way,” Deacon explains. “It’s in a unique environment that allows me to do it the way I want, but has really directed me to where I want the business to go.

And the purpose of his business?

I just wanted to help people hurt less and do that longer. That kind of led me to where we are now, he says.

As you develop your business, you will run into hurdles and roadblocks, and obstacles. An authentic purpose will help your overcome all these challenges. It will motivate you to excel. As Deacon says of his achievements:

Your will to persevere through adversity will determine the level of greatness you achieve… that’s what SISU Strong is.

Be purposeful. Be passionate. Build a Meaningful Life

Here at Level 5 Mentors we feel really blessed. We get to meet, coach, and mentor amazing entrepreneurs. They all create their purpose, discover their passion, and develop meaningful lives that deliver their life goals.

How can you get started on growing your business while living a meaningful life?

Examine what it is that drives you. Take stock of your experiences, your skills, and your passions. Connect the dots. Create your business plan. Do, and deliver.

Our purpose is helping you to achieve the 5 Entrepreneurial Freedomsand we’re passionate about the way we do that. Want to know how passionate? Contact Level 5 Mentors using the form below.

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