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Mentoring and coaching from Level 5 Mentors is a unique experience. Whether you’re stuck in your business, struggling to find time to live your life, or looking for ways to build on your current success, Level 5 Mentors will help you unlock the benefits of entrepreneur coaching.

You’ll appreciate our level-headed, no-nonsense approach to coaching. Our process will help you navigate your unique entrepreneurial journey, delivering valuable insight to guide you as you create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

What you learn will not be the short-lived ‘here today gone tomorrow’ buzzwords. You will develop a new and lifelong understanding and awareness of yourself and your environment, driving your intuition and acumen to new levels.

Yes, there will be some tough love on the way, but that’s because we really care about you and your business. Our purpose is to help you accomplish your goals and live the lifestyle of your dreams. We measure our success by how successful our clients become – and by the friendships that follow.

If you are ready to regain control of your business and life, and command the 5 entrepreneurial freedoms of money, health, relationships, purpose and time, get in touch today to benefit from elite executive and entrepreneur coaching.

Erica Suter Business Coach Testimonial

I have been working with Eric for one-on-one business coaching for months now, and all I can say is WOW. I am a soccer performance coach who just recently started offering products and services online. Eric has exposed me to the plethora of opportunities to grow in the online space, and he encourages me to think with an abundance mindset as a biz owner. Adopting this mindset has been an absolute game changer for me, not only financially, but also emotionally. I have been able to build great relationships with clients, as well as business partners. I am extremely excited to continue to work with Eric. This is just the beginning for my business.



We were fortunate enough to have been introduced to Eric and Ken about six months ago. In that short period of time, Eric and Ken have been able to help us develop and refine systems that will allow us to 10x our business in the next six to twelve months. We’ve been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and through trial and error (and a lot of money) we’ve been able to grow our business into a 10 studio franchise system. I know, without a doubt, that if we had known Ken and Eric at the beginning, we would easily have over 100 locations. Their wisdom and experience in the fitness industry will without a doubt help you grow your company into a thriving and profitable business.



Scott and Katy Orange Shoe Testimonial
Taylor Johnson Performance Coaching Testimonial

Working with Ken and Eric have played an integral role in my growth as an entrepreneur. Ken’s grounded approach for identifying business objectives and creating unique strategies and tactics have given me some amazing tools to navigate my business. Eric has built an amazing community to bounce ideas off of which creates an environment that leaves you feeling supported and encouraged.

I was having a hard time visioning, planning and thinking of things we could do in the future for growth.  How to make those things happen was beyond my skill and ability. 
Eric helped me to think about things to do that are exciting and big, without me immediately jumping to the question of how I’m going to make that happen.  
I let go of a staff member, which normally would have been a very stressful process for me. Eric level-headedly walked me through exactly what I needed to do and gave me great tips and pointers for increasing and growing my business through that negative setback. 
One thing that made him a good fit for me was the idea and ability to be able to vision and plan ahead. 
I’m really glad I chose Eric for my business Mentor. He’s worth twice the amount I pay.
Definitely give these guys a try! 
Owner and Founder Active Life Professional
Before we started working with Level 5 Mentors we were generating about $500,000 annually. Since we started working with Ken our revenue has double to about $1.2M annually.
Ken helped me to:
  • overcome self doubt
  • change my mindset about money
  • build a strong vision
  • expand my network
  • rework our offerings
  • align our staff's roles to their unique abilities
  • and really, "yes" to all things!

We're now generating around $200K per month and fully expecting to clear $10M this year. I can't recommend Ken and Level 5 Mentors enough!