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Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurs

No one builds a business in a silo. Learn the best networking strategies for entrepreneurs to consistently expand their business, create strategic partnerships, and build a lasting business.

Your current network isn’t working for you

When an entrepreneur builds a powerful network, it works for them. An effective network:

  • Delivers knowledge that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Shares experiences to improve performance and reduce errors
  • Provides skillsets that are missing from the entrepreneur’s armory
  • Delivers a stream of new clients

Your network should enable you to achieve your goals – goals that you could never achieve on your own. It will provide recommendations and referrals, deliver expertise that your business needs to push on, and raise your profile in the market.

Now, look at that list of benefits again. Is your network delivering? If it isn’t, or your network still isn’t catapulting your entrepreneurial success, it’s time to rethink your networking.

What is a network?

A network comes in two guises.

The first is a network of friends. You may have had these for years. You trust what they say, which could be a problem. It’s not that they might be jealous of your success, but deep down (probably sub-consciously) they are afraid of losing you. They are scared that your success will drive you away, into the arms of others.

The second type of network is more strategic. This develops with people who get you. They understand what drives you. They think like you. They have the same values, and your purpose resonates with them. When you share your knowledge, they’ll share it with others and tell them where the wisdom came from. This network will yield motivation, complimentary skills, clients, and more.

If you want to improve your skillsets, grow your client base, and develop your business, you need to get strategic about building a strategic network.

It’s difficult to cultivate a strategic network

Many entrepreneurs, whether just starting out or some way along their entrepreneurial life, neglect their network. The network they do have isn’t working like it should. There can be many reasons why you’re not networking like you should. For example:

·       Networking is out of your comfort zone

You feel uncomfortable in groups, and find it difficult to break into conversations and impossible to relax at networking events. This isn’t unusual. Not all entrepreneurs are extroverts.

·       You think networking should be organized

You only take business cards to organized events. If it’s not business, it’s not a chance to network. That would be rude, surely?

·       You’re just too busy with your business to network

We’ve all been there. You’re developing a new service or product. You’ve got a client call. You’ve got work that simply cannot wait. You do what must be done. You take care of business first – and neglect the networking event that could have delivered so much more long-term gains.

·       Your networking efforts do not yield results

You’ve been to networking events and worked the room. You’ve left disappointed, or become dejected over the following few days. Either no contacts were added, or they haven’t made contact.

Developing a business networking strategy that works

Successful networking is imperative to success as an entrepreneur. It should be a central feature of your business strategy. Yet we understand how difficult it can be, and how demoralizing networking failures can be. Which is why we help entrepreneurs to switch up their networking ability.

Under our guidance:

  • You’ll uncover the strategic process of networking for entrepreneurs
  • We’ll help you develop a networking mindset, and subtly treat every chance encounter, every family event, and every business meeting as a networking opportunity
  • We’ll help you to organize your time and build networking into your day
  • We’ll share tactics that help you to develop and cultivate a strategic network that delivers all the benefits it should

There’s a limit to how much you can do as an entrepreneur. Your network should remove that limitation, and it should deliver a loyal, sustainable, and growing client list. If your network isn’t providing all the benefits it should, it’s time to get more strategic. To discover how Level 5 Mentors can help you do this, book a free call today.

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