Ep. 30 Firdaus Kharas: Cultivating Creativity & Embracing Risk

Firdaus Kharas began creating media in 1995, founding Chocolate Moose Media, a hybrid social enterprise making for-profit television series and not-for-profit media campaigns. He also established television production companies in Canada and Asia including partnerships with the Royal Family of Malaysia and the News Corporation and UTV of India.

His new book: CREATIVITY: The Key to a Remarkable Life, teaches readers how they can leverage the rapid changes in a world in turmoil around them to transform their professional and personal lives by harnessing innate creativity.

Firdaus shares the journey which lead him to become a multi-award-winning social innovator, global communicator, humanitarian, and the author. He gives us straightforward tips on how to open our minds to become creative thinkers, and how he influences others in their personal and professional lives.


  • “What I do is very unique. There are very, very few people who use mass communication for social change in the world.”
  • “And that's actually why I wrote the book is to try and get people convinced because you know, many people think that they're either creative or they're not. Some people think that creativity is only something that some lucky people are born with, like a talent for painting or composing music or writing. You know, that's artistry. That's not creativity, there's a difference between artistry and creativity. Creativity is something we have in us, all of us have in us. And it doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you do.”

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