Ep. 32 Dr. James Hardt: Biocybernauts & The Future of Human Consciousness

Dr. James V. Hardt is the Founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40-years.
Dr. Hardt is a celebrated research scientist with an established history of over 40 years in the study and research of biofeedback. Hardt has authored or co-authored countless scientific research papers on the subject and he currently has more than 30 patents for the core technology, headset, training methodology and brain-centered portion of various virtual reality applications.

His findings have been published in numerous scholarly journals such as Science, Psychophysiology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology, just to name a few. Dr. Hardt has also spoken in front of the United Nations. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, as well as a master’s degree, and Ph.D., in psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Dr. Hardt is on a relentless pursuit of advanced brainwave and meditation connections, allowing people to become the best form of themselves. The positive results are reducing limitations and addictions, experiencing more joy, less anxiety, improving health and awareness, and developing more meaningful relationships. We learn how brainwaves rule our thoughts, feelings, and intentions.



  • “Sometimes people want to change toward greater creativity, greater innovation, ability, better entrepreneurship, more happiness. But sometimes they're trying to get away from things like anxiety, sadness, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which we can help with.”
  • “Creativity is simply a matter of having the right brainwaves.”
  • “Technology speeds things up.”

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