Ep24 Sam Lucas: Monetizing Your Content with SpecialProject.io

Sam Lucas is an entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast rooted in Bozeman, MT. 

While a student at Montana State University, Sam co-founded Triple Tree Software, a custom software engineering firm. He has built software in identity verification, healthcare, edtech and video streaming verticals to help launch venture-backed startups nationally. After 4 years of bootstrapping Triple Tree into Montana's leading software engineering firm, Sam co-founded spinout company Special Project Inc., a platform for video creators and studios to independently launch their own direct-to-fan subscription streaming service. 

Sam currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance to help promote technology innovation and grow the technology economy in Montana. 

Outside of work, Sam is an avid hunter, skier, and mountain biker.

Daily grind is real, thankfully, there are a lot of software applications that can help us in our daily lives.  It’s  safe to say that software is an invaluable tool that will help you operate and grow your business quickly. 

Sam shares his knowledge of the software application world, and the importance it has in todays’ fast paced, digitally connected world.  

Eric and Sam get into the inner workings of Special Project Inc. which helps video content creators to produce and stream original series, seasons, and episodes, and predictably grow business with subscription memberships. 

There is a lot to learn from this episode!



  • “Content is the new e-commerce. Content production is becoming more accessible every single day more than ever.”
  • “This idea of how do we monetize our content, I think has become extremely popular.”
  • “We need to create a subscription platform that actually increases the value of the content and makes creators feel like they're truly running a business on this platform.”

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