Ep.52 Brett Rosenberg: The Green Building Industry


Brett visualizes a world where the building industry shifts to a sustainable and green environment. He studied environmental science but later realized he wasn't very good at it. He shifted to world environmental policy, infrastructure, and energy and worked with the US Conference Mayors in Washington. He was the sustainability director for the AIA and the founder of the Tree Line Strategy- a one-person consulting gig for strategic communications and execution in private and public sectors.

He emphasizes building an environment-friendly foundation with zero-carbon structures and energy-efficient projects. Brett explains the importance of the materials that go into our buildings, the regulation of electricity, and expounds on how we can contribute to a greener environment.


In this episode, we talked about:

  • A journey into Brett's life
  • Why it's vital for structures to adapt to zero-carbon materials
  • The challenges in developing a green industry
  • Biggest sources of carbon use
  • Where does my electricity come from?
  • Guide for decarbonizing
  • The importance of chefs in the green industry
  • Big tech players who participate in carbon-free developments
  • Is going green profitable?


  • What we can do to contribute to a greener environment
  • About Tree Line Strategy


Contact Brett:

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  • Brett's personal email:

[email protected]


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