EP.54 Finding Your Flow and Trusting The Process with Curt Mercadante

Curt Mercadante helps consultants and solopreneurs find purpose by delivering the "right message" to the "right clients" to generate the "right revenue" and build a strong foundation.

He has been in the Public Relations, Branding, and Advertising Industry, building a 7-figure business for the past 25 years. Sometime between 2017-2019, Curt shut down his PR and Advertising Agency because he did not feel fulfilled. Today, Curt helps individuals who make up the backbone of the economy to be more productive, profitable, and align with purpose.

Curt is also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Trainer, host of The Authority Brand Podcast, and author of the bestselling book, “Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.”


Text 55678 and send the keyword YOUTHORITY to get three free webinars:
1.       The Four Pillars of Authority Brand

2.       Leveling Up your LinkedIn

3.       How to Use Podcasts to Build your Authority Brand

In this episode, we talked about:
⦁         Why a life of freedom is a definition of success.

⦁         Trusting the universe.

⦁         How can I create a business that puts lifestyle and freedom together?

⦁         What is the pizza pie exercise?

⦁         The four pillars of building an authority brand.

⦁         The difference of efficiency vs. efficacy

⦁         Focusing on your process


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